Author Topic: There might not have been a Moon long time ago  (Read 89 times)

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Re: There might not have been a Moon long time ago

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Just googled 'Kalasasaya no moon' and right at the top of the list it suggests 'Kalasasaya' was a temple.  The site says that the 'place' was somewhere called Tiwanaku. ???
Yes, seems you're right!  Well spotted! Some of us got our wires crossed, including me. :P  Had another good look at that site and it actually says Tiwanaku was built 13000 yrs ago, not Kalasasaya which was a temple in it!

Clears things up a bit, but doubt there was ever a period when there was no moon and then 'suddenly there was one' after some cataclysm, great flood what have you.  Do ppl have any idea what it would take to cause this?
Really??  Why do these sites seem to show info to the contrary then?  That stuff found in this temple/site built 11000-13000 yrs ago doesn't reference a moon?? ???