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Chess Titans Very Hard to Beat at Higher Levels

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I've been playing Chess Titans for yonks with the difficulty level set to 5 and manage to achieve about 75% statistics in my favour; so won't claim I always win, but other day I tried playing it at level 8 and I just got comprehensively beat every time.  So I'm thinking only strongest players could win against it regularly at the higher levels settings.  My take is that CT is a very strong chess game at lvl 8 or higher!

Very!  At those level settings it's as good as any commercial chess prog and you need a bit of patience as it takes a few mins to think through it's move!

Yep it takes a while at higher settings so I went back to level 5.

blag-it Admin:
That's good by my standards.  Level 4's about my limit.  :P


It's a shame chess titans doesn't have some sort of match-play mode where you can't re-do moves - aka cheating. ::)  Otherwise you could have mini competitions.


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