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Beware Of Debt Settlement Companies! Debt Settlement Is A Highly Questionable Practice!


While they were at Heart Homeowners Association (name changed for privacy) has long been a lively community of young mature adults. Built during the mid-eighties, this community along with established Board of Directors, Committees and Social infrastructure and professional management making it one of the most desirable Adult Communities in the county.
Young at Heart HOA has a Social Activities Committee which is guided by and proudly implements its Mission Statement:
"To provide diverse activity and foster community spirit and assistance to folks the Association additionally, it serve the needs of our greater surrounding community."
The Social Activities Committee has four sub-committees: (a) the Functions Committee will be responsible to plan and organize parties, picnics, and social gatherings; (b) sport Committee, which organizes indoor and outside sporting events and card games; (c) the Sunshine Committee which runs fund drives and donation campaigns to donate to the local charities; (d) the Operations Committee, which monitors and implements maintenance requirements for that Social activities infrastructure and buildings.
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