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Looking for inflatable tent

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Hya to all on the forum!  I'm thinking of going camping after they lift the lockdown after April-ish (?) - and anyway I'm looking for one of those inflatable tents a bit like igloos, but not those one's with a standard foot-pump as they take forever to inflate, but more of those types that inflate in one go.  Any info on this really appreciated.  Thanks! :-*

Well, I googled blow up igloo small tent.  Don't know if that helps.

Pop-up tents have been very popular for some years, so should be lots to choose from.  At OP, hope you find what you're looking for.

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I used to go camping a lot years ago and used a pop-up tent.  Very practical if it's raining when you arrive at campsite.

Just got this one two days ago from Mountain Warehouse, it's just right for a'lil gal like me ::) Thanks everyone for all your help. :-*


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