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About replacing sliding door in conservatory

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I'm thinking of replacing the sliding door in my conservatory that extends from dining room at back of house - leads onto garden...

Previous owner had vertical blinds, so should I replace with new vertical blinds and where would I get these?  Or are there other alternatives I could do? :-\   Any help appreciated.

Are you wanting to replace a door or the blinds?  Or is one somehow effecting the other?  Confused...

Ah, yes - sorry for not explaining properly.  What I mean is that I'm thinking of replacing the sliding door with an ordinary swing door, because the sliding one's have developed a fault and they clash with the vertical blinds.  Or maybe I could replace these with new blinds but have them mounted slightly further away from the window so then I could keep the sliding door.  I'm just not sure though, were to get new one's from.

Is it one continuous window panel dividing up the dining room and conservatory or two or more windows?  If it's the last of the two, blinds usually fit into the window bay, then the sliding door shouldn't clash.

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Would have thought the same myself, unless it's the type of blinds that goes across the entire window.



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