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Just noticed that the website isn't mobile friendly? Is that in the works @ blag-it?

Love the current theme though.

-- PS, please remove the annoying verification questions. I almost regretted making this topic...  ???

blag-it Admin:
Hi Stylus, many thanks for signing-up to the forum.  Much appreciated. :)

See sent PM.

Yea!  I find the verification thingy annoying as well. :P   Can understand why it's there though.


--- Quote from: A.Jenery on 14 June, 2019, 09:44:13 PM ---Yea!  I find the verification thingy annoying as well. :P  Can understand why it's there though.

--- End quote ---

The answers aren't as transparent as they should be, even for a human!

One questions requires the answer "4", yet you don't know if you're to spell it (Four or four) or write it as a number.

In which direction does the sun rise?: Is the answer up, upwards ???

blag-it Admin:
Hi Stylus, OK point taken about whether the answer to the question is Four or four or 4 - this has now been removed.  The visual verification has now been removed also and there's now just one question to answer from a possible two, but this is only for the first three posts that a new member makes; after that there are no questions that need to be answered.

The sun always rises in the east, I think that's fairly universal and the colour/color of tomato soup or sauce is usually always red.



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