Author Topic: How to Create a Successful Professional Email List Marketing Campaign in 2022  (Read 196 times)

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Creating an entire campaign can be complex, but it's a relatively straightforward process if you follow the steps outlined below. Let's start with the planning, which is just as important as the design of creative elements, such as ads or social media posts.

Planning your marketing campaign
This step is crucial for the effectiveness of your professional email list marketing campaign. Here are the 4 phases to follow:

- Define a specific objective for your campaign
Why are you going to carry out this campaign? What results or developments do you hope to gain from it? Your goal will be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely), preferably.

- Determine how you will measure the success of your campaign
Measuring the success of your campaigns can consist of counting the open rates of your emails, new "likes" on your Facebook page, or even pre-orders for your new products. This of course depends on the overall objective of your campaign.

Here are some examples of metrics based on concrete professional email list marketing campaign goals:

- Define your target audience
Who is your target audience? The first thing to answer this question is to determine which stage of your target buyer's journey is targeted by your professional email list ​campaign. Are you trying to attract new customers or are you trying to collect feedback from existing customers? Are you promoting your brand to consumers who already know it or do you want to present a new brand identity to everyone?

Next, identify the interests and weaknesses of your audience. Here are some questions your marketing team should ask themselves to better understand and identify your target audience:

What are the main interests of your audience? How do they spend their free time? What TV shows do they watch? Etc.
Where is your online audience located? What do your professional email list prospects and customers use Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks for? Do they just navigate or do they engage with the content? What type of content catches the attention of your audience? What cultural references do they appreciate? What kinds of “pain points” could your product, service or brand solve?

Define a concept for your campaign and form a team. It's time to talk about the campaign itself. A successful campaign should be consistent with your brand identity, both visually and creatively. When building their campaign assets, some companies use the skills of their own employees, while others opt for an agency. Another alternative is to hire freelance contractors to do a specific part of your project, like content writing or design