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Title: About members submitting topics with pages of opening posts
Post by: ATH019 on 15 September, 2021, 10:25:33 AM
This is important!  Certain members have been submitting new topics consisting of multiple opening posts or threads; that is, many pages of opening posts or threads.  
Considering that just one post or thread can have many paragraphs, this a) doesn't make a great deal of sense because you can include a lot of information in just one post, and b) because it makes the topic look untidy and bloated and is unfair to other members that may want to add to it.  Which post should they respond to?  The first one?  The third one?  The 30th one?  I'm sure you get the point!
Excessive 'bumping' of a topic in this way is unacceptable!  Period!  From now on such topics will be deleted and persistent 'offenders' will have their accounts deleted.

Global Moderator