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I'm going off of at least Runescape used to work

« on: 27 January, 2021, 05:21:13 AM »
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Banking is like this. Banks are urgently, and I do mean DESPERATELY OSRS GP, looking for people who can use COBOL because its what all of the previous systems have been coded on and they can not change them. Should they try, there is an extremely large chance the entire international banking network collapses overnight. Its honestly a ridiculous situation but kind of hilarious at a really dreadful way. Yep, but in least COBOL was once popular so there is documentation to reference. I've seen banking apps that interface with that COBOL that operate on drag-and-drop fashion programming languages that are so obscure they are ungoogleable.

Okay - I'm going off of at least Runescape used to work. This is based on if they did not change how it works (and I doubt they did.) Look at the fact that you have your character. You've got what is called a"player kit" - that is your fundamental character's layout:Male/Female, Hairstyle/Beards (if appropriate )/Hair Colour, Outfits/Outfit colors. So going from this: your base character has a certain amount of mixes you can make - I am somewhat too lazy to compute them all, however you can likely do this by counting the number of colours/hairstyles/etc. And performing the math to figure out how many distinct combinations there are.

On top of this, if they still use that old system - they'd have an entirely separated model for the participant's chat mind - which is why no body/torso is displayed in the chatbox. There's probably a simpler means to do it, but I am not in a position to make any proposals on it. Anyway so - you may need to re-model every chathead with the and rework expressions to look less. Weird?

Anyway, this all becomes a huge project, and they're already barely putting anything out since it is - and that which we do get usually does something stupid such as disables item pick-ups, or causes nightmare-inducing model-glitches of things like PoF animals. It is not that I do not think they're able to do it. It is that I think they won't due to the time-sink (unless it comes with a fresh game/new tech/etc.) And since they're currently having a hard enough time doing simple projects that keep breaking due to old issues.

They would need to QA a great deal of stuff - and you already know how much QA we get as it is. Again, this is strictly going away of like the first technology - they might have shifted their stuff, and just didn't ever mention it. But using the methods makes this sort of thing quite tough cheap OSRS gold. Another thing to note for you to do some research in is that the catastrophe that is the approximately 165 Slayer Helmet's until they ditched the bewitching system.

Re: I'm going off of at least Runescape used to work

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Did a course on COBOL way-back-when, but forgotten most of it. ::)