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Re: Found new mmo called Star Atlas

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Sure looks fairly neat, but hope you don't get giddy zooming around like that  ;D
Yeh I wonder about that. Historically I've encountered sickness issues only 5 times. With the Rift DK2 I found if the camera lost you, you loose lateral movement tracking, and that was a little nauseating. On a racing sim in town, spinning out made me feel pretty ill (cause I wasn't actually spinning myself). At Zero Latency (VR place where you can walk about) there was a lift in the zombie game that didn't agree with me. After that I just closed my eyes when I went on it. Again, issue was going up in VR and not going up IRL. I think I had a slight nausea in Elite inside a spinning space station and the worst time was when I tried to make my own VR content, messed up movement/controls, thought I could handle the nausea, then got so sick I had to go and walk around outside for half and hour to feel better.

With the new headset I've not tried much that involves moving around large areas yet (just something called VARK which had a small area you could move about in - and even that did something weird with rotation - kinda made it fixed amount and instant) I've seen there are lots of different movement methods in other games. One I've been looking at videos of online seems to be a bit like how we used to be able to move in Entropia (click on the landscape) but instead of gradually moving there it just instantly teleports. I found that a little trying to watch others do on youtube... dunno how I'd find it in VR.
I've known some of these nauseating issues with VR as well.  You experience something mentally but don't get the physical feedback that you would in RL.