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Brief overview of the “blag-it” Forum

« on: 24 March, 2019, 06:20:51 AM »
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There are currently three top-boards:  Info, Notices and Support; Main Topical Discussion Boards and the Blag-it Lounge.

Under Info, Notices and Support there is Introducing blag-it which is the section you're in now, Forum notices that shows all announcements and or news about the forum, and Help wanted requests, which is where you can submit posts requesting help if you are stuck on anything.

Under Main Topical Discussion Boards where most activity is expected to take place, there are the sub-forums Tangible products related discussion, Computer gaming discussionArts related discussion, Socio-economic and political related discussion, Publishing and media related discussion, Business related services discussion, Software related discussion, Climate and geological related discussion, Industrial and scientific related discussion and History related discussion.

Under Blag-it Lounge there is Welcome and introductions, Off-topic discussion, Suggestions for blag-it and
Other SMF forums.
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